Dear Philomena Tour Diaries: Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

January 25th 2017

Photo Credit: Mugabi Byenkya

February 10th 2017

Cover Design: Mawaddah Amer

February 26th 2017

Photo Credit: Gerald Eze

March 17th 2017

The Rex Lounge

Aaron: Congratulations on the successful book launch bud! Sorry I couldn’t make it. How did it go?

Mugabi: It went great! Had a solid turnout, stellar performances and sold quite a few books and merchandise

Aaron: Awesome! So what’s next? A tour?

Mugabi: Hahaha, no way! There’s no way I’m going on a book tour, I’m nowhere near established, successful or good enough to go on a book tour. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

August 12th 2017

over 400 books sold, over 20 book reviews, 8 bookstore placements, 6 continents of book distribution, 4 shows on the Dear Philomena Book Tour, 2 TV appearances and 1 radio appearance later

Toronto Poetry Slam at the Drake Hotel

Bradley*: Excuse me sir, I was wondering if I could have your autograph?

(*Name changed to protect the person’s privacy)

Mugabi: …….

Much love, appreciation and thanks to David Silverberg and the amazing team at Toronto Poetry Slam for hosting me and who did an absolutely incredible job of creating such a diverse, genuine space for the evening. Join me on my next tour date on August 12th 2017! Next tour date write-up is for Sankofest @The Khyber Centre of the Arts on August 17th 2017!