Ode To Gratitude

I was born a man
I can pee while I stand
Never will I ever have to squat in bushes
Hoisting up my skirt as the vegetation rubs up against my tushy
Furtively glancing left and right
Unless someone keeps guard, and do I even trust them? I might
have to worry about this but I don’t because I was born a man

I’m educated, often debated but never fated for illiteracy
For I started learning how to read shortly after three
years old,
because my mother could afford
to stop working and fully focus on raising my siblings and I

I can read, write and speak
in arguably the most dominant language in the world. Heck, I even write poetry!
My father taught me that education is a major key
One of the few things that can never be taken away
THEY can take away your mind, body and heart
But never your soul

A poem I wrote in ten minutes for the Discovering Diversity Publishing Facebook Live Poetry Slam! On the theme of Gratitude


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