#ThrowbackThursdays: Draking

We’re lying side by side…

Yet I’ve never felt more distant
I’ve been Draking, I’ve been Draking
Watching the rise and fall of your chest as your breasts caress my palms
I’ve been Draking, I’ve been Draking

Thought you were different
Or maybe I thought I was the one who would be different
In this situation
Jealousy stoking my frustrations
Got me waiting
For you to mess up so I can have something to blame you for!

And it finally came

A rush of glee raced through me
Anger pervaded me
How could this be?
But I wasn’t thinking logically

Deep down inside I knew that you had no wrong
No need to ring the alarm
I was looking for excuses
Blinded by delusions
Of what we ought to be
But how can there be a we without you and me?

So how could I even think of the possibility of W-E
If my thoughts are only M-E
Selfishly forgetting why I’m called Mugabi
(Why I’m called Mugabi)

You always said I have a way with words
But if I truly had a way with words
Then these words would be hurled

Towards you
Instead of me ineffectually
Writing these rhymes in a bid to understand me

I can’t even understand me
Who am I really?

Who should I be?

The thing is
I always wholeheartedly
Every word of yours
Never saw the metaphors
Still I started doubting
And clout filled my mind
Wondering where the truth lied

Were these sweet nothings being whispered into my ear?
Or was the truth simply too much to bear?
(Was the truth simply too much to bear?)

We’re lying side by side

Yet I’ve never felt closer?

I’ve been Draking? I’ve Been Draking?

This isn’t supposed to happen
I thought lying next to someone and not speaking
Was for a reason
And that reason
Was to drive the wedge between our hearts
As far apart
As our body parts

When did this start?

Intro -> Heat of the moment, overreacting before processing my emotions, internal ocean, tidal wave, seismic explosion into

Stanza 1 -> Admitting to my own faults and selfish tendencies, limiting my capabilities, of seeing things, green with envy, red with rage, brown ablaze, muddled  up like

Stanza 2 -> Truth is in-

Stanza 3 -> I care for you and I love you.

Draking: Term used when you’re feeling sad/emotional. Term mostly used when listening to rapper “Drake” . “Draking” will make you miss anyone who was once in your life. From the most important person to the most irrelevant person




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