#ThrowbackThursdays: Sticks & Stones

The power of words, it’s absurd
How they can fly like birds
From the ear to the brain, causing the mind to curd

Even from one, as soft-spoken as Ferb
I’m a word nerd
And these words can inflict damage, ya heard?

It can be inferred
That as cliche as this sounds, my ramblings started with a girl

She was just a friend

No really, she was just a friend

But this friendship was strained because of a word
Now let the story unfurl

You see this girl
Was a part of my crew and we were kicking it
Laid back, chilling like villains, parlaying wit
Thought it would be funny to insult her intelligence
With a smug grin on my face, the words tumbled out with negligence
Her smile quickly turned upside down
And that frown, was the last thing I saw before the door slamming shook the ground
I sat perplexed?!
It was just a word!
Hurting her was never my intent…never my intent

I said sorry!
I never meant to hurt you
I care for you
Why can’t you see that when it comes to you, my intent is never in rue
I thought that you were cool!
Why am I the one shouting at your back?
You respond with click clack

I try to contain myself as the one sided wall of silence
Tightens its hold on my sinus
Choking up I realize that silence is violent
The absence of words can be just as absurd
As any inference from those words themselves

As they say, Sticks and Stones may break my bones
But names will…chip away at my soul

A friend once told me that I write a lot about women which surprised me because I never consciously realized that but it is true. I was aghast at this realization as somebody who wrote about women a lot is exactly the type of poet I never wanted to become. I guess we all have an inner Drake lurking.
However, the majority of my close friends are women and I’m a strong believer and proponent in writing what you know. I know my friends very well and love them very much so I write about them. The majority of my poetry celebrates the fact that there is so much more to women and other underrepresented/marginalized groups than a dominant single narrative/single story. As Drake once said “I really think I like who I’m becoming” 


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