#ThrowbackThursdays: DR. ABC

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The scent of the burnt car tires drifted towards me, as they futilely tried to skid to a halt.

It was inevitable. The two cars in front of me merged together to form a single mangled heap of junk. Time froze.

“Agh!” I sharply inhaled as I slowly realized that I had not breathed for the past minute while rolling to a stop. Everything went black.

I groggily blinked as the sounds of my faulty car radio coming to life woke me up. The clock read 5:05 pm which meant that I had blacked out for… five minutes. -__-
By now the smoke was clearing around the wreckage. Glancing around I discerned that I was the only one at the scene. Great. There was nobody around on the supposed ‘shortcut’ to Garden City.

Somebody might have survived the crash!  I hurriedly extracted myself from my car and walked over to the crash site. It was a head on collision and both drivers were still in their seats. Thank God. My first-aid training during driving lessons had taught me that if I wasted any more time, they could die. I ran back for my first aid kit from my car and started running towards the wreck, relying on pure instinct because I was too stunned to think properly. I cleared the distance in about a minute. Praying the entire time.

When I reached the wreckage, I placed my first aid kit on the floor, flicked it open and retrieved my gloves.
“Safety first”, I mumbled shakily. Now what next?
“TICK-TOCK” my usually mellow watch pounded against my eardrums. I massaged my forehead as I tried to remember my training…

I was sitting in class. The instructor stood in front of us and said,
“The names my parents chose to give me are Matthew Kato,” he spoke incredibly slowly with an annoyingly nasal voice, “but for me, I don’t know why but I have always liked the name Brian”.
I snapped back to reality. Useless piece of information! How does that help?! REMEMBER! REMEMBER!
“The first thing I am going to teach you,” Matthew continued, “is Dr. ABC”.
That was it! The acronym:               D?????(I forget what D stands for, anyways)

Slowly opening the car door of the victim who looked worse off, I gently lifted her out of the car. With her limp body slung between my two arms, I jogged back to the safety of my car.

I checked her purse for any form of ID and on finding one called out:
“Jane Nansubuga” to no avail. What next? Oh yes! I slowly pinched the area between her neck and shoulder. She moved. “Thank God!”

By now I was drenched in sweat making even the insides of my gloves slippery. I firmly gripped her chin between my thumb and index finger and pulled down. Peering down her throat, I let go of a sigh of relief. Her airway was clear.

I was starting to feel lightheaded. My heart was pumping like crazy. Darkness began to envelope me… “NO!” I cried out.
I could not black out. Not now. Taking a swig of water, I cleared my head and continued. Lowering my ear to her nose and mouth I listened intently. She was breathing.

What did circulation mean again?
“Do not lift up a woman’s skirt to check for her pulse in her thighs, even if she is your sweetheart” Matthew’s voice drifted from my memories. -__-
Matthew’s irrelevant rambling had somehow helped me remember this time. I placed my two fingers on her wrist, she had a pulse.

I quickly moved Jane into the recovery position after checking for any other injuries and sprinted back to the wreck.
My head automatically swiveled around to the source of the sound. A petrol leak between the two cars. Slapping my palm to my forehead, it finally clicked that the D in DR. ABC stood for Danger! The leak had created a steady stream of petrol flowing towards a …. lit SIGIRI?! {Note: Luganda for ‘charcoal stove’} Who leaves a lit sigiri in the middle of the road? On second thought, both cars did swerve to avoid something. I swiftly calculated how long for the petrol to reach the sigiri. Enough time. In one fluid movement, I pulled open the car door, quickly but gently pulled out the male driver and ran back to my car. Breathless, I reached Jane and- “BOOOM!!!!!”
{Note: I thought I was SO badass in 2010}
The wreck exploded in a bright fiery heap of twisted metal and charred remains which left my ears ringing. As I placed the man on the ground, I realized that he looked familiar; it was none other than Kato Matthew. I smiled.

Welcome to another #ThrowbackThursdays! This week we are going all the way back to my Year 13 (12th grade) year in 2010 when I wrote and submitted this incredibly short story for a creative writing competition. I unfortunately didn’t win 😦 But I found this on my laptop a few days ago and wanted to share as well as provide some perspective on the evolution of my writing as I clearly used to think I was John Rambo or something lol


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