Book of Rhymes: Imagination Runs Wild

This beat gets me inspired
My mind floating higher than the messiah
As he reached the pinnacle
It doesn’t take me three days, for these vesicles
to reach null velocity though

What are these impure thoughts?
I mean words
Puking forth from my own tongue
Am I speaking in tongues?
Or is it my lungs?
Pumping this corrupt combination of:
[78% Nitrogen
21% Oxygen
Trace amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases]
Labelled pollution!
If the air we breathe
corrupts the very things we need to breathe
then the problem is apparent to me
Why can’t anyone else see?

We’re killing ourselves and our unborn
Internally torn
for the profit motive
If we don’t work yourself to death, then no one in supportive!
So should I shun mediocrity?
Like the sun in the sky?
When I was a child
I stared directly at it and got slapped!
For it nearly made me blind

Or would a society
of mediocre composers ration to each
a bigger slice of the pie?
Imagination runs wild.

This piece was inspired by Gramatik’s beautiful ‘Indigo Child’ which I began writing to with the homie Hassan and let the instrumental, the incredibly pessimistic class of Global & International Studies I had just got out of and my internal wrestling with settling guide my pen 




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