Palisades forbade entry to the glade

Perceptions fade in the jade mind of a young renegade

Cascades fall as the façade crumbles through the raid

Deranged I wade through the rubble that I made

Aid comes in rays illuminating everything to the bay

Intricately laid relaying a story through lines and ways

The changing times interpreted through structures for days

Telos creates form like a cay or a fay

I’m gay like a piece of hay in the beak of a jay

No life, no cry tears of bliss caress my cheek as I lay

No days off, I lead with no delay spreading radiance like May

Nay, you say? I discovered beauty without pay

Inspiration in a part of my mind caving in from decay

This is a poem I wrote four years ago after an afternoon spent wandering around the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C 


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