Book of Rhymes: Mocassins

Sitting in some basketball shorts and some moccasins
Verbal incontinent
Flows inconsistent
Stream of consciousness
Fetish with consonance
Or is it assonance?

Does critiquing poetry
Teach me
To express creatively
Better than I could be
If I had not studied Keats?
Or beats?

Rappers often cite greatness because they studied the greats
But MY list of greats includes Coleridge, Samuel and Austen, Jane
How can you change the game
If you’re studying the same
People over and over again?
Introducing no new lanes?

Hip-Hop started as a movement of change
Introducing novel narratives in a new way
Every person on this earth has their own story to say
So why do I hear the same stories and why do people pay?
For this?

Why does our society
Value rigidity
Whether explicitly
Or implicitly

Props to Common but I fundamentally
With his critique on Hip-Hop for he
Said that Hip-Hop was becoming too sweet
But how can you dilute a river that burst it’s levees?

I believe that music is constantly evolving
We should acknowledge where we came from and never forget
But there’s a reason stagnant water is a cesspool for death

Change is inevitable but people fear what is different
Change is different but people fear the inevitable

Welcome to my Book of Rhymes! This is going to a be running series on my blog where share pages from my book of rhymes of raps both finished and unfinished. This piece was inspired by the way Mac Miller said the word “moccasins” on a song and my mind went on random tangents about the state of and my place in Hip-Hop. BARS!  


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