#ThrowbackThursdays: Fortress of Solitude

Why does Kal-El seek out solitude?
Ironically coming from one with a lone wolf aptitude
Kal-El is superior. TRUTH, with no attitude
I guess the truth is I’m sick and tired of platitudes

I HATE the use of sarcasm as a barrier between two souls
I despise small talk and fulfilling conversational roles
I want to go off on tangents and talk about anything and everything
I LOVE listening, feed my aural orifice it needs lathering
Of earnest diction penetrating my ear drums and setting a blaze to my mind
SIGH…”Pleasant weather we’re having”

Small talk is demon-spawn, purposeless, what happened to depth?
What happened to being comfortable sitting in silence, gathering your thoughts without vocally puncturing the air with your breath?
SIGH… “How are you?”

“Fine! Good! Alright! I’m not surprised!”
We ask the same questions over & over again why not open your eyes?
All three of them! Open yourself up to oil those mental cogs
Without the need of a social lubricant because I am SICK of going to the bars!
Sick of people needing a shot of liquid confidence
My conscience points the finger back at me

You play the game too your eminence 
I do, I do, I do
It’s true, It’s true, It’s true
What right do I have to accuse if I’m guilty as charged?
I play the game because it takes two to tango, leaving myself intellectually parched
If I stopped it would be awkward
But…I am awkward
And in this day and age, it’s cool to be awkward
I guess I’ve ran out of excuses
It is easier to conform than to act in the face of fear
Easier still to privately criticize but in public say deuces
To my opinions and individuality, unless I have a beer
I guess I have to face the truth
Either I have to change
I’m deranged?

Welcome to #ThrowbackThursdays! This is going to be a running column on my blog where I post a throwback piece every Thursday that has already been released in some form or the other. This piece is titled ‘Fortress of Solitude’, named after Superman’s arctic fortress and has me questioning Superman’s need for a fortress of solitude. Listen to the YouTube video to be blessed by my bodacious baritone :p



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